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We provide a one stop solution to ed-techs with a variety of services.

Live Webinars

Industry Experts and University Professors take live classes where will join and experience the online session.

Mentorship Calls

1-1 calls with the experts to get career assistance and guidance about all possible options to upskill and crack the interviews.


Freelancers who can help in the examination environment. They will help in monitoring the malicious activities during the exam via web cams.

Mock Interviews

As the name suggests this is to prepare you for interviews. Experts from your relevant field will take a mock interview to create a real interview scenario.

Personal Tution

1-1 support from an expert to guide you with any topics/assignments you face an issue in.

Content Creation

Experts recording the content, creating written content and the assignments/mcq questions which can later be delivered to the students.


Experts helping in creation of examination questions and also help in grading/evaluating them.

Any Other Educational Services

Experts available from across the domains to help you with any type of freelance activities.

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We do design, code & develop.

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